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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRomanyRo‧ma‧ny /ˈrəʊməni $ ˈrɑː-/ noun (plural Romanies)  1 [countable]x-ref a gypsy2 [uncountable]SLL the language traditionally used by the gypsy peopleRomany adjective
Examples from the Corpus
RomanyNoah said everything - including the attack on her - has been brought about by her departure from Romany ways.Chagrin A strong belief in the supernatural characterises communities of Romany gypsies.With five fences left, Party Politics jumped past Romany King and was never headed again.You've once again proved your friendship to the Romany people.Marius jerked his head at them in disapproval but I liked their Romany appeal.Some in the traditional Romany caravans ... the youngsters in more modern accomodation.