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signsign2 ●●● S1 W1 verb  1 name [intransitive, transitive]SIGN YOUR NAME to write your signature on something to show that you wrote it, agree with it, or were present Sign here, please. The artist had signed his name in the corner of the painting. You forgot to sign the cheque. Over a hundred people have signed the petition. Serena signs her autograph every time she’s asked. a signed photo of Paul McCartneysee thesaurus at write2 sign an agreement/contract/treaty etc3 music/sport [intransitive, transitive]BE if a football team or music company signs someone, or if someone signs for them, that person signs a contract in which they agree to work for them CBS Records had signed her back in 1988 on a three-album contract.sign for/to/with Miller worked in the shipyards before signing for Rangers. Before long, they had signed with Virgin.4 sign on the dotted line5 sign a bill/legislation/agreement into law6 (all) signed and sealed7 use movements [intransitive]SIGN/GESTURE to try to tell someone something or ask them to do something by using signs and movements syn signalsign to somebody to do something He signed to the maid to leave the room.sign for somebody to do something She signed for us to go inside.8 language [intransitive, transitive]SLLSPEAK A LANGUAGE to use, or translate something into, sign languagesigner noun [countable] sign something ↔ away sign for something sign in sign off sign on sign out sign something ↔ over sign up→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
signThe negotiations, on rescheduling debts payable between mid-1991 and mid-1993, made some progress but no agreements were signed.Did the doctor ask you to sign a consent form Mrs Harris?Almost 200,000 Czechs signed a petition protesting at Mr Hodac's appointment, and each night thousands gather outside the studios.Also, the Cowboys have some significant free agents to sign after this season.Simmons was signed as a free agent in 1994.On 15 May 1679 the marriage contract was signed at Lisbon.The governor's speech will be signed by an interpreter for the hearing-impaired.Could you sign for this package, please?Clinton has refused to sign GOP-backed legislation to reimburse the fired travel office personnel for their legal expenses.Just sign here by the X.Sign here please.This was the first sanction imposed by the Commission since the Euratom treaty had been signed in 1957.Where do you want me to sign my name?Would you like to sign our guest book?You forgot to sign the credit card slip.Each tenant will have to sign the lease.The following year, Bark Psychosis signed to Virgin and finally began to fulfil the promise of their live shows.They also sign veteran Charlie Hayes.signs ... autographMinnie greets guests, signs autographs and poses for photos by her house.sign for/to/withTwenty years ago, it was scandalous when a baseball pitcher named Wayne Garland signed for $ 200,000 a year.He made frantic signs to Angalo.He stirred as below stairs the maid tinkled a bell, the sign for dinner.So what we need is a similar system of signs for human beings.The venue was a storefront with no sign to identify it.Several leases have been signed for more stores to open in 1997 and 1998, including Newport Beach and Mission Viejo locations.They signed with Virgin early in 1982.sign for somebody to do somethingOnce the men had spoken to the chief, he made a sign for Isaac to address him.They looked furious when they saw our faces peering in and made frantic signs for us to close the curtains again.They talked to each other again, and then the first horse made clear signs for me to follow him.Several leases have been signed for more stores to open in 1997 and 1998, including Newport Beach and Mission Viejo locations.He tugged his ear lobe, our agreed sign for the other to remain silent.