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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishadjournad‧journ /əˈdʒɜːn $ -ɜːrn/ ●○○ verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]SCTPAUSE if a meeting, parliament, law court etc adjourns, or if the person in charge adjourns it, it stops for a short time It was almost noon when the meeting adjourned.adjourn for/until Congress has adjourned for the November elections. His trial was adjourned until May.2 adjourn to somethingadjournment noun [countable, uncountable] We sought an adjournment of the proceedings.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
adjournIt was almost noon when the meeting adjourned.When the conference was over, the delegates voted not to adjourn, but to constitute themselves as a permanent body.The trial was adjourned for two weeks until the psychiatrist's report was ready.Cleveland deputy coroner Ronald Smith said as there was a possibility of industrial disease he was adjourning the hearing pending further inquiries.Magistrates adjourned the hearing until May 14.The chairman has the power to adjourn the meeting at any time.They all agreed and adjourned the meeting just as the candle was burning out.The case was adjourned to May 6 for reports.Sentence was adjourned until May 11 for a probation report.If there are no more questions, the committee will adjourn until tomorrow morning.adjourn for/untilThe case was adjourned until June 26 and Dargue was released on unconditional bail.The case was adjourned until June 26 and Rahim was remanded in custody.The event that would eclipse it began only after Kenneff left the witness stand, and court adjourned for lunch.Nothing happened, however, because of the rush to adjourn for the 1996 campaign.Nothing happened, however, because Congress was eager to adjourn for the November elections.The inquiry was adjourned until Thursday.The hearing was adjourned until tomorrow.The committee adjourned until Tuesday.The trial was adjourned for two weeks.The trial, before Judge Gareth Edwards, has been adjourned until Wednesday.