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briefbrief2 ●○○ AWL noun [countable]  1 INSTRUCTIONS[usually singular] official instructions that explain what someone’s job is, what their duties are etc The architect’s brief is to design an extension that is modern but blends with the rest of the building.2 SCL law a short spoken or written statement giving facts about a law case The ACLU filed a brief (=gave one to the court) opposing the decision.3 British English law a law case that a lawyer will argue in a court4 a short report about something5 in brief6 briefs
Examples from the Corpus
briefI've prepared a brief on the economic situation in China.His brief was to convey coal as a developing rather than a senescent industry.Dealing with financial matters is not part of my brief.The architect's brief was to design an extension which would harmonize as much as possible with the existing building.The committee's brief is to investigate and report on domestic violence in the region.The drug squad's briefing lasted twenty minutes.Would a seasoned brief have lost it in court so easily?The brief given to the students was quite straightforward.The brief comprised a list of about 80 species for each chart, grouped according to pollution tolerance.For all but the simplest actions there should preferably be a written brief which is discussed by all concerned.