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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcautioncau‧tion1 /ˈkɔːʃən $ ˈkɒː-/ ●●○ noun  1 [uncountable]CAREFUL the quality of being very careful to avoid danger or riskscautiouswith caution We must proceed with extreme caution. The physician must exercise caution when prescribing antidepressants.counsel/urge caution Many parents are tempted to intervene, but most experts counsel caution.treat/view something with caution (=think carefully about something because it might not be true) Evidence given by convicted criminals should always be treated with the utmost caution. err on the side of caution at err(1)2 WARN[countable] a warning or piece of advice telling you to be careful Although pleased, Henson added a caution that the team still has a long way to go.word/note of caution A final word of caution – never try any of this without backing up your system.3 throw/cast caution to the winds4 [countable, uncountable] British EnglishSCLWARN a spoken official warning given to someone who has been arrested or who has done something wrong that is not a serious crime He was let off with a caution.under caution The defendant may make a statement under caution.COLLOCATIONSverbsadvise caution (also counsel caution formal)We advise caution if you are buying a property overseas.urge cautionScientists are urging caution in research involving genes.exercise caution (=be careful)Travellers are advised to exercise caution while travelling in remote areas.proceed with cautionYou should always proceed with caution in financial matters.treat something with cautionThe results of the survey should be treated with caution.view something with cautionAt the moment investors are viewing the shares with caution.adjectivesgreat cautionExercise great caution when handling toxic waste.extreme cautionBears can be dangerous and walkers should proceed with extreme caution.the utmost cautionYou are advised to take the utmost caution when buying a second-hand car.due caution formal (=the carefulness that is necessary)An over-confident driver may overtake without due caution.
Examples from the Corpus
cautionCaution: do not install electrical equipment near or around water sources.Only among girls aged 14-16 have reported convictions and cautions risen proportionately.In this climate of caution and introspection, little has been achieved in the decade since 1977.In rock climbing, no amount of skill will make up for a lack of caution.Before you rush out, though, we must advise a modicum of caution.Having argued for intervention, however, let me insert a note of caution.Typically, Burgess says, forecasters err on the side of caution by issuing a severe storm warning.It is understandable for health authorities to err on the side of caution, as these guidelines will not apply to everyone.This caution cannot be overstated: if the belts are incorrectly adjusted they are useless.Indeed, its method of taking decisions is inherently biased toward caution.Eventually we used up our supply and, with caution, ordered some frozen corn nuggets from our distributor.proceed with ... cautionProceed with caution and good cheer, all Libras.Proceed with caution and, at the risk of sounding like a tabloid astrologer, look before you leap.Proceed with caution, but if you're a die-hard, you might want to proceed anyway.Since the book seemed to be one that would cause some controversy, she had better proceed with caution.Still walking east, the party were aware that they were almost at the front line and had to proceed with caution.As mentioned earlier in the text, it is important to proceed with caution when acting for joint buyers.It is essential, therefore, that we proceed with great caution when handling toxic and hazardous waste.word/note of cautionOthers sounded a note of caution.A note of caution needs to be added concerning cementation in the meteoric vadose zone.A word of caution is in order, though, about the names of exhibiting groups.A word of caution is needed in connection with the word pitch.But first, a few words of caution, a few more words about Bogdanovich, and a testimonial.