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cautioncaution2 ●○○ verb  1 WARN[intransitive, transitive] to warn someone that something might be dangerous, difficult etccaution (somebody) against something Business leaders are cautioning against hasty action that would hamper flexibility.caution (somebody) that Officials were quick to caution that these remarks did not mean an end to the peace process.caution somebody to do something He cautioned them to avoid the forest at night.see thesaurus at warn2 [transitive] British EnglishSCL a) to warn someone officially that the next time they do something illegal they will be punishedcaution somebody for (doing) something She was cautioned for speeding. b) to warn someone officially that what they say to a police officer may be used as evidence in a court of law→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
cautionCity player-manager Peter Reid also piled in - and Townsend was still being restrained after Simpson had been cautioned.He was cautioned after his first offence when he was 13.Lott said the issue will be fully explored in hearings, but he cautioned against haste.Marshall cautioned against pouring millions of pounds into taking legal action when there was no guarantee of victory.However, the Santa Clara semiconductor giant had cautioned analysts not to expect stellar results."Be careful now, " Sarah cautioned. "Don't do anything stupid."Elbert cautioned, however, that funding is far from a sure thing.The policeman cautioned the children against talking to strangers.They will point out that they have cautioned us officially.caution (somebody) thatWe moved quickly, though with the utmost caution.But Mr Kostunica is suggesting, with characteristic caution, that any such prosecution await reforms of the legal system.I see my weapons as reflections of a sensible, realistic caution - that of a true professional.It is only the natural caution of paleontologists that prevents them from jumping to startling conclusions.But a remnant of caution urged that she tone it down, after all, Lucy ... She began.A warning on the package cautioned customers that the toy contains small parts.The fallout prompted many retailers to caution Wall Street that their fourth-quarter earnings would be lackluster.But we hasten to caution you that we have met few successful couples who live together and work together.A legal facilitator cautions us that we may engage in a civil-disobedience action and that the police may arrest us.caution somebody for (doing) somethingKnoydart is not exactly a no-go area but should be entered with caution.The Communist Party's paralysis is one factor, but the prime responsibility lies with Labour's manic political caution.The refugees view the supplies with caution.She cautioned that for every fire reported, eight go unreported, because local jurisdictions can contain them without help.Bishop Peter Ball went into retirement after being cautioned by police for indecently assaulting a trainee monk.As mentioned earlier in the text, it is important to proceed with caution when acting for joint buyers.I lifted the receiver with caution, listening for the white noise of a long-distance connection.