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1 noun
challenge1 S2 W2

something difficult

[uncountable and countable] something that tests strength, skill, or ability, especially in a way that is interesting
challenge of
The company is ready to meet the challenges of the next few years.
the challenge of doing something
I relish the challenge of rebuilding the club.
face/take on/accept etc a challenge (=be ready to deal with one)
Martins now faces the biggest challenge of his career.
meet a challenge/rise to a challenge (=successfully deal with one)
a new and vibrant initiative to meet the challenge of the 21st century
intellectual/physical challenge
the intellectual challenge of postgraduate research

question something

[countable] when someone refuses to accept that someone or something is right and legal
challenge to
a direct challenge to the Governor's authority
challenge from
The president faces a strong challenge from nationalists.
pose/represent/present a challenge (to somebody)
The strike represented a serious challenge to the government.
mount/launch a challenge
They decided to mount a legal challenge to the decision.


[countable] when someone tries to win something or invites someone to try to beat them in a fight, competition etc
challenge for
They are ready to mount a challenge for the championship.
They threw down the challenge that he couldn't wash 40 cars in one hour (=invited him to try to do it).
The Prime Minister narrowly avoided a leadership challenge last year.


[countable] a demand from someone such as a guard to stop and give proof of who you are, and an explanation of what you are doing

in law

[countable]SCL law a statement made before the start of a court case that a juror is not acceptable

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