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challenge in Law topic

challengechallenge2 ●●● S3 W3 AWL verb [transitive]  1 question somethingACCEPT to refuse to accept that something is right, fair, or legal a boy with a reputation for challenging the authority of his teacherschallenge a view/an idea/an assumption etc Viewpoints such as these are strongly challenged by environmentalists. They went to the High Court to challenge the decision.challenge somebody to do something I challenge Dr. Carver to deny his involvement!2 competitionASK FOR something/ASK somebody TO DO something to invite someone to compete or fight against you, or to try to win somethingchallenger, darechallenge somebody to something After lunch, Carey challenged me to a game of tennis.challenge for Liverpool are challenging for the title (=in a position where they could win).3 something difficultDIFFICULT to test the skills or abilities of someone or something syn stimulate I’m really at my best when I’m challenged.challenge somebody to do something Every teacher ought to be challenging kids to think about current issues.4 stop somebodyPROVE to stop someone and demand proof of who they are, and an explanation of what they are doing We were challenged by the security guard at the gate.5 in lawSCT law to state before the start of a court case that a juror is not acceptablechallenger noun [countable] Lewis is his main challenger for the world title.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
challengeWe were challenging all the traditional methods of testing for poisons.That claim has been challenged and much debated, but it seems to hold up.Guards were ordered to challenge anyone entering the building.Many doctors have challenged the accuracy of his findings.Owner Fred Davies is challenging the council after being refused permission to convert the ailing hotel into a nursing home.Billboard companies say they will challenge the new law in court.The beatitudes are counter-cultural, because they correct and challenge the ways in which we understand happiness.I challenge this assumption, and question the push into Putumayo.He's a good choir director - he really challenges us.challenge ... decisionThe local presbytery agreed, but 10 area churches challenged the decision.challenge somebody to somethingShe challenged him to a race and won.