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chargecharge2 ●●● S1 W2 verb  1 money a) [intransitive, transitive]COST to ask someone for a particular amount of money for something you are selling The hotel charges $125 a night.charge somebody £10/$50 etc (for something) The restaurant charged us £40 for the wine.charge something at something Calls will be charged at 44p per minute.charge for We won’t charge for delivery if you pay now.charge rent/a fee/interest etc The gallery charges an entrance fee. b) charge something to somebody’s account/room etcBFB to record the cost of something on someone’s account, so that they can pay for it later Wilson charged the drinks to his room. Use a courier and charge it to the department. c) [transitive] American EnglishPAY FOR to pay for something with a credit cardcharge something on something I charged the shoes on Visa. ‘How would you like to pay?’ ‘I’ll charge it.’2 crime [transitive]SCLACCUSE to state officially that someone may be guilty of a crimecharge somebody with something Gibbons has been charged with murder.see thesaurus at accuse3 blame somebody [transitive] formalBLAME to say publicly that you think someone has done something wrongcharge that Demonstrators have charged that the police used excessive force against them.4 run [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to deliberately run or walk somewhere quicklycharge around/through/out etc The boys charged noisily into the water.see thesaurus at run5 attack [intransitive, transitive]ATTACK to deliberately rush quickly towards someone or something in order to attack them Then, with a final effort, our men charged the enemy for the last time.charge at/towards/into The bear charged towards her at full speed. 6 electricity [intransitive, transitive] (also charge up)TEE if a battery charges, or if you charge it, it takes in and stores electricity The shaver can be charged up.7 order somebody [transitive] formalTELL/ORDER somebody TO DO something to order someone to do something or make them responsible for itcharge somebody with doing something The commission is charged with investigating war crimes.8 gun [transitive]PMW old use to load a gun9 glass [transitive] British English formalDRINK to fill a glass charged→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
chargeThe dry cleaners charges $1.25 a shirt.My piano teacher charges £9 for a half hour class.Twelve people involved in the demonstration have been arrested and charged.Police have charged a 22-year-old man with robbing two Japanese tourists.The gallery will, of course, charge a commission for selling work.The doors flew open, and Pascoe charged across the foyer, scattering people in all directions.Riot police with batons charged at soccer fans twice during last night's international with Spain.They're going to charge him with dangerous driving.Small shops charge much higher prices for the same products.I was told of one particular youngster in Stockton-on-Tees who has been arrested and charged no fewer than 17 times this year.Don't charge off, I want a word with you.Leave it to charge overnight.Lawyers charge such high fees, but they never seem short of clients.Did you charge the camcorder's batteries?I charged the flights on American Express.The cheapest doctor we could find charged us four hundred francs for a five minute examination.He risks being charged with an offence that carries up to five years in jail.H., was charged with murder and kidnapping Tuesday morning.The man they arrested last night has been charged with murder.The victim was charged with obstruction, and the passenger travelling with him was charged with assault.Claudia Schneider is charged with one count of failing to disclose bankruptcy and has also been held in Miami since May.Another passenger, Damon D.. Stewart, 24, also of Hampton, was charged with possession of marijuana.charge thatGholamhossein Karbaschi served seven months of a two-year sentence on corruption charges that he denied.That jury eventually acquitted Simpson of charges that he killed his former wife and Goldman.Lohr also charged that Medtronic failed to warn her or her doctors that the device could experience life-threatening failure.On Friday, Maskhadov charged that more such groups are planning armed attacks in border areas before the balloting.Archbishop Prospero Penados del Barrio has charged that some political parties have financed their activities with ransom money.Some charge that the process hairstyle was a black attempt to look white.He charged that up to 1,000 non-citizens and felons had cast ballots.charge around/through/out etcHe seemed to make a habit of charging through her life and leaving destruction in his wake.Auguste reported that Boris was still charging around in the kitchen and showed no desire to show his head above stairs.Still the General charged through it as if it had been harmless rain.You can envision graphic sound charging around like square pixels on a vintage Atari video game.I felt a shock charge through my hand and could not loosen my grip.The kids and Bill exhale billows of steam as they stand around; resting up for the next charge through the brush.The screams reached their peak as the remaining males descended to the ground and started charging through the group.It was all beneath his dignity, this business of charging around with rifles in your hand and going on parade.charge at/towards/intoBoth deals are available across the full range of loan types, and arrangement fees are charged at £150 to £250.Calls are charged at 36p per min cheap rate, 48p per min at all other times.A new manager is in charge at Aberystwyth following last September's shake-out.These channels let in a flood of even more positive ions, which obliterates the electrical charge at that spot.They charged into the other dressing rooms, gabbling as they started a quick change for another number.Interest will be charged at the rate of 1 percent above the Bank base rate prevailing for the relevant period.Children, and adults, who have trouble identifying and anticipating difficult situations usually charge into them with their eyes closed.