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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcitecite /saɪt/ ●●○ AWL verb [transitive] formal  1 MENTIONto mention something as an example, especially one that supports, proves, or explains an idea or situation The judge cited a 1956 Supreme Court ruling in her decision.cite something as something Several factors have been cited as the cause of the unrest.see thesaurus at mention2 REPEATto give the exact words of something that has been written, especially in order to support an opinion or prove an idea syn quote The passage cited above is from a Robert Frost poem.3 SCLto order someone to appear before a court of law syn summoncite somebody for something Two managers had been cited for similar infractions.4 British EnglishSCLMENTION to mention someone by name in a court case Sue was cited in the divorce proceedings.5 MENTIONto mention someone because they deserve praisecite somebody (for something) Garcia was cited for her work with disabled children.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
citeBritain is often cited as an example of a declining industrial power.Davis cites Bureau of Labor projections: more than 1.25 million jobs in these sectors will be created each year through 2006.However Matthew 18:15, cited earlier, tells us that is our responsibility when things are going wrong.The report contained details of the poison gas and cited examples of accidents involving it.I can cite several recent racial attacks which prove my point.Opponents of missile defense will cite the miss as proof that politics has been driving the development schedule.Mosk, though a loyal liberal Democrat, demurred, citing the right of free political association.Many a case can be cited where business strategies of this kind have utterly failed.cite something as somethingWolfe cited Buick as a company that is working to attract older customers.cite somebody for somethingTwenty television programs were cited for excellence by Action for Children's Television.Two protesters were cited for illegal camping.