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claimclaim2 ●●● S2 W1 noun [countable]  1 STATEMENTtruthSAY/STATE a statement that something is true, even though it has not been provedclaim that Gould rejected claims that he had acted irresponsibly.false/extravagant/dubious etc claims firms that make false claims about their products They made claims they couldn’t live up to. the competing claims of scientistsdispute/deny/reject a claim The police denied claims that the men were tortured. Evidence to support these claims is still lacking.claim to do/be something his claim to be the rightful owner of the painting I make no claim to understand the complexities of the situation.2 MONEYmoney a) RIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TOan official request for money that you think you have a right toclaim for claims for compensationreject/uphold/lose etc a claim He lost his claim for unfair dismissal.make/put in/file a claim All claims should be made in writing.pay/wage claim (=a request from workers for more money) Fill in and return the claim form as soon as it arrives. b) MONEYthe sum of money you request when you make a claim The insurance company cannot meet (=pay) such enormous claims.3 TO OWN OR TAKE somethingRIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TOrights a right to do something or to have something, especially because it belongs to you or because you deserve itclaim to/on Surely they have a rightful claim on their father’s land? The Maldives pressed its claim to hold the summit. Philip feared Edward would lay claim to the Scottish crown. the competing claims of parents and teachershave a claim on somebody’s time/attention etc A woman who has given a man children will always have a claim on his love.4 stake your claim (for something)5 somebody’s/something’s claim to fame6 LANDSCLland something such as a piece of land that contains valuable mineralsCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesfalseHis claims were later found to be false.unfounded/unsubstantiated (=not based on truth or evidence)These claims of discrimination are completely unfounded.extravagant claims (=clearly not true)Some manufacturers make extravagant claims for their products.competing claimsthe competing claims of the political partiesconflicting claims (=saying that different things are true)The reports contained conflicting claims of the number of people killed.verbsmake a claimHe made extravagant claims about the benefits of the diet.deny a claim (=say it is not true)Government officials denied claims that the country possessed chemical weapons.dispute/reject a claim (=say it is not true)The prime minister rejected claims of a disagreement within his party.support a claimThe court found no evidence to support her claim.back up a claim (=support it)They challenged him to back up his claims with evidence.accept a claimMany scientists were reluctant to accept his claims.challenge a claim (=say that you do not believe it is true)Washington continued to challenge the claim that global warming is partly caused by carbon dioxide.investigate a claimDetectives are investigating claims that the two officials took bribes. THESAURUSclaim a statement that something is true, even though it has not been provedIt is difficult to believe some of the manufacturer's claims for its products.allegation a statement that someone has done something wrong or illegal, but that has not been provedHe has strongly denied the allegations of sexual harassment.assertion formal something that you say or write that you strongly believethe assertion that house prices are fallingcontention formal a strong opinion that someone expressesHer main contention is that doctors should do more to encourage healthy eating.
Examples from the Corpus
claimAfter the fire we made a claim to our insurance company.Maisha and Tiger meet us outside baggage claim, and Maisha is looking terrific as usual.They've paid out $30,000 in worker's compensation claims.One of his more excessive claims was that the abrupt ending of a relationship could be more damaging than bereavement.Don't believe all of the health claims that are printed on food labels.His claim to the house was finally recognized by the court.They have a mining claim on the Salmon River.No one can dispute the Mohawks' claim to this land.Have your policy or claim number ready as a reference.The friar suddenly realised that Cranston's claim that Allingham was murdered was really a piece of pure guesswork on his part.The local people's claims for compensation from the chemical factory have so far been ignored.There were no tourism survey results available to support claims that very late hours were needed, he added.There is no proof of these claims.These claims are now examined by considering the position of each sector in turn.Ask for this claim to be investigated, and find out whether anyone has been found responsible and brought to justice.claim thatHowever, Dimitrov claimed that Asparukhov's allegations were part of a Zhelev-inspired effort to smear him and his government.The newspaper's further claim that the police funded an Inkatha rally in January 1991 was later confirmed officially.Latino politicians claimed that the district boundaries discriminated against them.An eminent preacher claimed that he could overcome even the worst disaster if he could have fifteen minutes of contemplation.It's claimed that Honda is turning away job applicants who belong to a union.She claimed that their action had been ill-considered and ironic coming so soon after the launch of their customer service charter.There is no evidence to support claims that stolen dogs are being sold for research.They claim that the dial up approach cuts the cost of two-way motion video by up to 90 percent.Their strategy was to claim that output targets were unattainable, and not to attain them.claim forThere has been a rise in claims for unemployment benefits.claim to/onDamages Damages may be claimed on their own or in addition to rescission.This has such a tenuous physical basis that it can hardly account for the results it is claimed to produce.Opinions that do not claim to be a statement of fact are therefore not covered by this principle.Results claim to last 12-18 months-a top-up treatment is included in the course, it necessary.Moses, brought up in the harem, had a special claim to Pharaoh's attention.Toulouse would be a rich prize and it would have been foolish to allow the claim to drop.This means simply that the customers have the claim on these deposits and thus the institutions are liable to meet the claims.Which one of you claims to be the craziest?