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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclaimantclai‧mant /ˈkleɪmənt/ noun [countable]  SCLsomeone who claims something, especially money, from the government, a court etc because they think they have a right to it benefit claimants
Examples from the Corpus
claimantThe company will settle the lawsuit and provide compensation for claimants.The latter class of claimants, generally bondholders, will suffer a fall in the market value of their claims.But if there is a large group of potential claimants, the government may formalize the awarding of compensation.This is because shareholders are residual claimants to the value of the firm.Garcia is representing three Spanish-speaking claimants in their case against the state.The Bill will cover those income support claimants who have an amount for mortgage interest included in their income support assessment.Under the new system, claimants will receive their benefit checks three weeks earlier than before.The claimant should then submit medical certificates for the duration of their absence from work.Those claimants undermine the claims of genuine asylum seekers, and no one would wish to defend them.There are no details on the number of dependents, as opposed to claimants of housing benefit.