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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishconjugalcon‧ju‧gal /ˈkɒndʒəɡəl $ ˈkɑːn-/ adjective [only before noun] formal 🔊 🔊 1 SCLMARRYrelating to marriage 🔊 conjugal love2 conjugal visit
Examples from the Corpus
conjugalSuch knowledge has rendered meaningless the notion that every conjugal act should be open to the transfer of life.And hey presto-it's time to consider how to celebrate 25 years of conjugal bliss.Ellie had married at nineteen, had a child, lived for seven years in the conjugal box.The relentless conjugal cuddling was always tiresome: now it's starting to look tactless.It is taken to be the ultimate proof of conjugal loyalty.If, now, you refuse me my conjugal rights, I can go to a lawyer.Will you allow me my conjugal rights?Many had, during marriage, distinct conjugal roles and were therefore quite unaccustomed to undertaking partners' household tasks.