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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcriminalcrim‧i‧nal1 /ˈkrɪmɪnəl/ ●●● S3 W2 adjective  1 SCCCRIMErelating to crime Experts cannot agree on the causes of criminal behaviour. I was sure he was involved in some kind of criminal activity. She has not committed a criminal offence (=a crime). He was arrested and charged with criminal damage (=damaging someone’s property illegally). The doctor was found guilty of criminal negligence (=not taking enough care to protect people you are responsible for).2 SCTrelating to the part of the legal system that is concerned with crimecivil The case will be tried in a criminal court. We have no faith in the criminal justice system. The police are investigating the matter, and he may face criminal charges (=be officially accused of a crime). She usually deals with serious criminal cases. a criminal lawyer3 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSwrong, dishonest, and unacceptable syn wicked It seems criminal that teachers are paid so little money.criminally adverb a hospital for the criminally insanecriminality /ˌkrɪməˈnæləti/ noun [uncountable]COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: relating to crimenounscriminal activityThere was no evidence of any criminal activity.a criminal offence/act (=a crime)Cruelty to animals is a criminal offence.criminal behaviourIs it possible that the tendency to criminal behaviour is inherited?criminal wrongdoing American English (=actions that are illegal)The investigation cleared him of any criminal wrongdoing.criminal damage British English (=damaging someone's property illegally)He was charged with criminal damage to his boss's car.criminal negligence (=not taking enough care to protect people you are responsible for)Charges of criminal negligence were brought against senior staff.a criminal investigation (=when a possible crime is investigated)The FBI is conducting a criminal investigation into the bombing. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: relating to the part of the legal system that is concerned with crimenounsthe criminal justice systemHow effective is our criminal justice system?criminal lawI’m more interested in criminal law than civil law.a criminal charge (=an official accusation that someone has committed a crime)He’s been arrested on a very serious criminal charge.a criminal record (=a record, kept by the police, of the crimes someone has committed)It can be hard for someone with a criminal record to find work.a criminal caseThe crown court usually deals with criminal cases.a criminal trialHis year-long criminal trial ended in October.criminal proceedings (=actions to deal with criminals, such as charging people with crimes or bringing them to trial)Criminal proceedings have been started against the officers connected with the events.a criminal courtThe trial will take place in an international criminal court.a criminal lawyer (=who deals with criminal cases)
Examples from the Corpus
criminalI think keeping animals locked up in cages is criminal.It was estimated that Walker had made around £100,000 from his criminal activities.Gleason denied any involvement in criminal activity and was released.The criminal case against Mr Sole is still pending.Unlike applications for interception in other criminal cases there was no procedure for judicial authorization in the case of security applications.Lawyers are not allowed to comment on current criminal cases.The reason, several people said, is that nobody saw a political benefit in further pursuit of criminal charges against Clinton.I organized political protests, but also got two appointments from federal criminal courts.the criminal justice systemCall has an interesting vision of the possibilities of criminal justice.In Britain today we have different criminal laws and hence a different range of crime from those which once existed.Cruelty to animals is a criminal offence.It's criminal to charge so much for popcorn at the movies!After she sued, Harvard said it would file criminal trespass charges against Garzilli if she sets foot in the department.Having such beautiful paintings and not letting the public see them is a criminal waste of the nation's art treasures.criminal behaviourEysenck then argues that extroversion is the inherited basis of criminal behaviour.He maintains that there is a link between characteristics such as extroversion and criminal behaviour.Merton's model or theory does not adequately explain all types of criminal behaviour.Then, once located, the subjects have to be convinced that they can safely discuss their criminal behaviour.While such notions may all contains some elements of truth, they are by no means complete explanations of criminal behaviour.Thus, some policemen are urged by their tough-minded colleagues to treat marginal incidents as criminal behaviour and are encouraged into action.These involved marital, loss or separation, social relations or isolation, and criminal behaviour problems.Most laws against corporate criminal behaviour require that intention be proved before guilt can be established.criminal courtI organized political protests, but also got two appointments from federal criminal courts.The functions of the judge were curtailed and his quasi-criminal jurisdiction transferred to a criminal court.The victim does not have a special place in the criminal court.Here are some of the most recent criminal court cases.The answer is that a few big city criminal courts did become clogged with drug cases in the seventies and eighties.The Council also had powers as a criminal court in matters arising out of its administrative duties.Although there were delays in the criminal courts, they seldom lasted more than a few months.The dock of a criminal court was a long way from the line ups Guppy is used to.