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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcustodialcus‧to‧di‧al /kʌˈstəʊdiəl $ -ˈstoʊ-/ adjective  SCTrelating to the custody of someone, especially a child custodial care
Examples from the Corpus
custodialTold I have broken Borough policy by recommending custodial maximum on lad.This system made it difficult to provide sufficient cover to care for patients above safety or custodial observation levels.The mother is usually the custodial parent.In addition, some custodial parents do not pursue collection of child support because they fear retribution from the nonpaying parent.We want a minimum one-year custodial sentence-longer for repeat offenders and organised gangs.However, it was clear that the appellant did qualify for a custodial sentence under Criminal Justice Act 1982.Judge Gerald Butler told him he had no option but to pass a custodial sentence.Sheriff Higgings told Arthur that he could do nothing other than give him a custodial sentence.Thus, if convicted, women are far less likely to be given a custodial sentence.the school's custodial staff