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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdecreede‧cree1 /dɪˈkriː/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO somethingan official order or decision, especially one made by the ruler of a country The Emperor issued the decree repealing martial law.2 SCTa judgment in a court of law
Examples from the Corpus
decreeIn December 1936 a decree was issued which made all volunteer forces subject to military jurisdiction.In 1637 the Emperor issued a decree ordering all foreigners to leave the country.The king dissolved parliament and ruled by decree.Microsoft has vigorously asserted that its marketing practices do not violate the 1995 consent decree.The consent decree was carefully negotiated to allow that to continue, he said.a court decreeA January Party report in Roslavl' noted with glee that the local clergy were divided, even before the February decree.During the following twelve months the sultan issued a series of decrees which gave formal recognition to the MiloÜ-Marasli agreement.Under a presidential decree of Aug. 6, oil and gas export prices were deregulated soas to bring them into line with world prices.The majority in favour meant that the changes would become law once published by presidential decree in the official gazette.