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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdisclaimdis‧claim /dɪsˈkleɪm/ verb [transitive] formal  SCLRESPONSIBLE#to state, especially officially, that you are not responsible for something, that you do not know about it, or that you are not involved with it syn denydisclaim responsibility/knowledge etc Martin disclaimed any responsibility for his son’s actions.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
disclaimBusinesses will be able to disclaim all or any part of the initial allowance if they wish.The group has disclaimed all responsibility for the attack.Janir held his hands in the air, disclaiming all responsibility.Not only did they disclaim any career but motherhood, they even began to question the need for the higher education itself.The school disclaimed any responsibility for his death.The King has disclaimed his love for his offspring and therefore broken the family bond that Cordelia speaks of.What precisely is being disclaimed or denied, the story or its possession?disclaim responsibility/knowledge etcIn spite of this, Hedley Byrne did not recover its loss since the reports submitted by Heller & Partners had expressly disclaimed responsibility.Of course, if they do, politicians can disclaim responsibility; but ducking responsibility is fatal in a democracy.Without the consensus achieved in Cabinet, ministers are free to disclaim responsibility for unpopular policies.