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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdistrict attorneyˌdistrict atˈtorney noun [countable]  SCLa lawyer in the US who works for the government in a particular area and who is responsible for bringing people who may be criminals to court
Examples from the Corpus
district attorneyIt was his job as district attorney to enforce a state law prohibiting abortion except to save a woman's life.Since taking over as district attorney last year, he has vowed to vigorously prosecute anyone who violently preys on streetwalkers.Steen is very good as the besieged district attorney and Theron just eats up the screen.The plea was part of a deal struck with the Dallas County district attorney.But later Monday the district attorney said he had not discussed the matter with the coroner since his election in December.In Lancaster County, then as now, there were many who wanted their district attorney to fight ferociously.Their district attorney may not have seen reason to object, but they did.