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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdivorcedi‧vorce1 /dəˈvɔːs $ -ɔːrs/ ●●● S2 W2 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SSFSCL the legal ending of a marriageseparation Why doesn’t she get a divorce? One in three marriages ends in divorce.file/sue/petition for divorce (=start the legal divorce process) His wife has started divorce proceedings. the rise in the divorce rate She received the house as part of the divorce settlement (=the amount of money, property etc each person receives in a divorce case). The Act extended the grounds (=legal reasons) for divorce.2 [countable usually singular] formalSEPARATE the fact of separating two related thingsdivorce between the divorce between theory and methodCOLLOCATIONSverbsget a divorce (=end your marriage)Their marriage had never been happy and in the end they got a divorce.go through a divorce (=experience getting a divorce)I was going through a divorce and it was a very painful time.want a divorceShe told him she wanted a divorce.ask (somebody) for a divorceShe asked her husband for a divorce after he had been unfaithful.a marriage ends in divorceFive years later, their marriage ended in divorce.file for divorce (also petition for divorce formal) (=start the legal divorce process)The next day I saw a lawyer and filed for a divorce.adjectivesa bitter divorce (=involving very angry feelings)After a long and bitter divorce, Wendy was looking forward to starting a new life.a messy divorce (=complicated and unpleasant to deal with)She wanted to avoid a messy divorce .a painful divorce (=causing a lot of sadness)I have been through a painful divorce, and know what it feels like.divorce + NOUNthe divorce rate (=the number of people who get a divorce)The country has a high divorce rate.divorce proceedings (=the legal processes of getting a divorce)His first marriage was unsuccessful and led to long divorce proceedings.a divorce settlement (=the amount of money, property etc each person gets in a divorce)She received a $10 million divorce settlement from her first husband.a divorce case (=a legal case dealing with a divorce)It was the biggest divorce case that an English court has dealt with.a divorce lawyer/court (=one dealing with divorce)She's a famous New York divorce lawyer.divorce papers (=documents concerning a divorce)My husband refused to sign the divorce papers.phrasesgrounds for divorce (=acceptable reasons for divorce, according to the law)Violence and neglect are grounds for divorce.
Examples from the Corpus
divorceOr see them through an abortion, a divorce, a gruelling court-case?Caroline's husband asked her for a divorce and she agreed.It's much too easy to get a divorce nowadays.It is too much like a divorce.Many say they have seen too many bad marriages and divorces even to try it themselves.Gwen has just been through a bitter divorce.A third of all marriages in Britain end in divorce.Half the marriages in this country end in divorce.One study in the early I970s indicated that only 16 percent of Catholic marriages ended in divorce.Yet the liberal interpretation of divorce laws appears to have led to the alarming trends already observed.Sometimes through abandonment; more often through non-marriage or divorce.The cancer was diagnosed one and a half years after the divorce.Wagenbach deferred ruling on the divorce papers until the state seeks to introduce them as evidence.I've only seen my ex-wife once since the divorce.The divorce rate has risen steadily since the 1950s.grounds ... for divorceWhat are proper grounds for divorce?This alone would have been sufficient grounds for divorce as far as my Pop was concerned.Extension of the grounds for divorce took even longer to enact and was not achieved until 1937.But what were the grounds for divorce?divorce betweenWe hope to avoid a complete divorce between research and practice.