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divorcedivorce2 ●●● S2 W3 verb  1 [intransitive, transitive]SSFSCL if someone divorces their husband or wife, or if two people divorce, they legally end their marriageseparate David’s parents divorced when he was six. My father threatened to divorce her.2 [transitive] formalSEPARATE to separate two ideas, subjects etc completelydivorce something from something It is difficult to divorce sport from politics.3 [transitive] to stop being involved in an activity, organization, situation etcdivorce yourself from something Our society has divorced itself from religion.THESAURUSdivorce to legally end your marriageAfter seven years, they decided to divorce.She divorced him six months after they were married.separate to start to live apart from your husband or wife because of problems in your marriageThey argued all the time and in the end agreed to separate.She separated from her husband and moved to a flat in London.split up/break up to end a marriage or a romantic relationshipWhen Andy was nine, his parents split up.He's just broken up with his girlfriend.leave somebody to stop living with your husband, wife, or partner, often because you are having a relationship with someone elseHer husband left her for a younger woman after 27 years of marriage.Dan's left me. GRAMMAR: Reciprocal verbsDivorce is a reciprocal verb. This type of verb is used when saying that two or more people or things do something that involves both or all of them: Her mother and father divorced. You can also say: Her mother divorced her father.Her father divorced her mother. This suggests it was mainly the decision of one person to end the marriage.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
divorceYou see, she was four months pregnant when they divorced.But when he was eight or nine, Margo and her husband divorced.Griffiths too had been married and divorced.The couple divorced after Lott went off to college.We divorced after six years of marriage.I think he may have wanted to divorce her, but it never got to that point.Maybe her husband, who had divorced her?She's afraid of what her husband might do if she tries to divorce him.He kept promising her that he would divorce his wife, but he never actually did it.Finally, after years of unhappy marriage, Eva divorced Stanley.I always say though, that you know, you divorce them.Petra's parents divorced when she was about seven years old.divorce something from somethingCarlin says he divorces philosophy from his religion.divorce yourself from somethingYou can't divorce yourself from the agenda, remit or personalities of the organisations and individuals with the money.Man and algae sealed in the capsule divorced themselves from the wide net woven by the rest of life.Internal prison reformers can not divorce themselves from these issues, however sensitive they might be.