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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishestatees‧tate /ɪˈsteɪt/ ●●○ AWL noun  1 [singular] lawSCLOWN all of someone’s property and money, especially everything that is left after they diesomebody’s estate The property is part of the deceased’s estate.2 [countable]TBB a large area of land in the country, usually with one large house on it and one owner a country estatesee thesaurus at land3 [countable] British EnglishTB an area where houses or buildings of a similar type have all been built together in a planned waycouncil/industrial/housing etc estate fourth estate, real estate
Examples from the Corpus
estateThey live in a block of flats on a bleak council estate.Mrs. Graham left her entire estate to her three children.Apparently he has a great estate beyond the Sierra Nevada - big hacienda or some such thing.After serving in the army during the Napoleonic wars, Széchenyi turned to the management of his estates.He walked between the pines and the cactus as if he were out for a stroll round his estate after dinner.Jane has her own house on a neat housing estate in the south-east.Armoured vans patrol Manchester estate Armoured vans are patrolling an estate in Manchester following three separate shotgun attacks.And they are not embracing some of the new strategy of insurance, real estate, tax minimization, and banking.His professional reputation as a respected real estate expert also has been tarnished, the suit alleges.Other ventures have failed, but now she wants to sell real estate.No sheep are at the estate this day.council/industrial/housing etc estateThe rows of white tents are numbered like a council estate.Harry Secombe was the third child of a none-too-successful commercial traveller living on a council estate near Swansea.We pass a council estate and a forlorn shop which seems to have been carved into the ground level of the estate.Some crews, such as those from large housing estates, had 200 or more members.On the bus home she passed, as usual, the new industrial estate.The specific provision at Southwark includes a basic education programme located on one particular housing estate.This afternoon we went to see a new workers' housing estate and visited some homes.