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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguaranteeguar‧an‧tee1 /ˌɡærənˈtiː/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL verb [transitive]  1 a) to promise to do something or to promise that something will happenguarantee (that) I guarantee you’ll love this film.guarantee somebody something If you send the application form in straight away, I can guarantee you an interview.guarantee to do something I cannot guarantee to work for more than a year. The law guarantees equal rights for men and women. b) to make a formal written promise to repair or replace a product if it breaks within a specific period of time All our products are fully guaranteed.guarantee something against something The stereo is guaranteed against failure for a year.see thesaurus at promise2 SCLto promise that you will pay back money that someone else has borrowed, if they do not pay it back themselves The bank will only lend me money if my parents guarantee the loan.3 CERTAINLY/DEFINITELYto make it certain that something will happen In movies, talent by no means guarantees success.guarantee that The built-in thermostat guarantees that the water remains at the same temperature all the time.be guaranteed to do something This latest incident is guaranteed to make the situation worse.be guaranteed something Even if you complete your training, you aren’t guaranteed a job.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
guaranteeThe first emigrants to Canada were guaranteed 200 acres of land each.But uniformity of content and, increasingly, of process has been guaranteed.There was nothing caught in her throat, absolutely, guaranteed.A good education doesn't guarantee a good job.Unisys bought $ 211 million worth of these Executive Life contracts, which guarantee a specific return to investors.TRESemmé's 4+4 Exothermic perm guarantees a strong wave formulation which means the curl structure lasts the full life of the perm.Anyone who did this last time would have been guaranteed a win.And by age 75 they must use most of their pension fund to buy an annuity guaranteeing an income for life.The loans are guaranteed by the government.After all, it is orders that businesses need to provide jobs and to guarantee employment.The king had guaranteed our safety on our journey.We guarantee that you won't lose your jobs when the company is taken over.I can't guarantee the plan will work, but I'll give it a try.guarantee something against somethingThis protective coating guarantees your car against corrosion.All stereo parts are guaranteed against failure for a year.be guaranteed to do somethingIf your string is unequal in diameter along its length, then the overtones are guaranteed to be off.Nevertheless, although generalizations arrived at by legitimate inductions can not be guaranteed to be perfectly true, they are probably true.Everyone knows the Triangular Trade is guaranteed to bring home the gold.Going out with friends is guaranteed to cheer you up.If the costs on the paths are non-decreasing with length then this algorithm is guaranteed to find the cheapest path first.In this way, we would be guaranteed to produce 500 men and 500 women.A day away from presidential politics for a junkie is guaranteed to shift perspective and challenge perception.Do not, whatever you do, lay down loose rugs, they are guaranteed to trip you up.Like the other Kodaks, it was not only easy to use but was guaranteed to be successful.