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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguarantorguar‧an‧tor /ˌɡærənˈtɔː $ -ˈtɔːr/ noun [countable]  lawSCL someone who promises to pay a debt if the person who should pay it does not
Examples from the Corpus
guarantorThe original lessee was not merely a guarantor or surety.In the mid-1970s a young woman went to a shop to rent a television set and was required to provide a guarantor.What followed looks like role-playing, with Roland Dumas acting the part of guarantor of Gaullist continuity.A guarantee of a minor's contractual obligation is also enforceable against the guarantor even if the infant's contractual obligation is unenforceable.Nor did it necessarily require the Great Powers to act as the guarantors of the regime established.Families are about love and trust; law is the guarantor of distrust.The guarantor of good government was the influence of public opinion.