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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishhereafterhere‧af‧ter1 /ˌhɪərˈɑːftə $ ˌhɪrˈæftər/ adverb  1 [sentence adverb] formalAFTER from this time2 formalAL after death his belief in God and a life hereafter3 lawSCL in a later part of an official or legal document the Ulster Democratic Unionist Party (hereafter UDUP)
Examples from the Corpus
hereafterHe should have died hereafter ...No attempt has been made in these pages to measure the achievement of those 28 ministers whose names are recorded hereafter.These are referred to hereafter as Display Pages.This court is in no way prejudging any defence of justification which may hereafter be raised in those libel proceedings.Of what may come hereafter For men who sow to reap.I have a feeling that life for me in Japan hereafter will be quite different.The custom will in fact be followed generally hereafter, with subjects other than that of conditionals.