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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishindemnityin‧dem‧ni‧ty /ɪnˈdemnəti/ noun (plural indemnities) law  1 [uncountable]SCLBFI protection against loss or damage, especially in the form of a promise to pay for any losses or damage insurance providing indemnity against future liabilities2 [countable]BFI a payment for the loss of money, goods etccompensation
Examples from the Corpus
indemnityThe practical distinction between warranties and indemnities is provided in section 0704.3 below.In particular, it is acknowledged that a de minimis level for warranties and indemnities will be included.But his group also faces the threat of liquidation proceedings over a A$150million disputed indemnity agreement.The DoE tell me in a letter that they are free from indemnity.The vendor would then need to recover against the purchaser pursuant to provisions, including indemnities, incorporated in the standard sale agreement.This is a policy of indemnity and we do not pay damages for such items.Only motor trade, legal expenses and professional indemnity covers are not available.The indemnity is, of course, only as good as the vendor and, if appropriate, its guarantor.