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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishinstructin‧struct /ɪnˈstrʌkt/ ●●○ AWL verb [transitive]  1 TELL/ORDER somebody TO DO somethingto officially tell someone what to doorderinstruct somebody to do something His secretary was instructed to cancel all his engagements.instruct (somebody) that The judge immediately instructed that Beattie be released. Eva went straight to the hotel, as instructed (=as she had been told).instruct somebody what to do He had instructed the slaves what to say when questioned.see thesaurus at order2 TEACH formal to teach someone something, or show them how to do somethinginstruct somebody in something Greater effort is needed to instruct children in road safety.instruct somebody how to do something Employees are instructed how to make a complaint.see thesaurus at teach3 British English formalTELL to officially tell someone about somethingbe instructed that I was instructed that £20,000 had been paid into my account. Grammar Instruct is usually passive in this meaning.4 British English lawSCLJOB/WORK to employ a lawyer to represent you in court→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
instructIt is a good idea to instruct a specialist company to inspect the property for damp.She took the tablets three times every day, as instructed by her doctor.New recruits are instructed in marching and the handling of weapons.One of the secretaries had been instructed to reserve me a seat on the next plane to London.The person who instructed you obviously didn't know much about map-reading!as instructedWe got there at 11:55 a.m. and rang the bell as instructed.As he expected, they found themselves quite unable to do as instructed.I enclose the official byelaw in respect of Nether Wyresdale duly signed by myself on behalf of the Parish Council as instructed.Suppose that the jury, having been directed in accordance with the present decision, consider first the robbery charge, as instructed.Then Maurice flew to New York, as instructed.I moved down the corridor, as instructed, and rounded the elevators to the bank on the far side.On their return they discovered he had not only done as instructed but painted the trees which lined the drive as well.You should attend for routine follow-up visits as instructed, probably at least once a year.instruct somebody how to do somethingEd instructed us how to approach our chips.Although men provide more menace to the basis of a society, it is women who are instructed in how to behave.He taught his players courses in etiquette, instructed them on how to properly use a fork and knife.Anderson carefully instructs us on how to react to all of this from the start.They instruct people how to take binding directives, and when to acknowledge that they are binding.be instructed thatI want you to instruct them that they've got three months instead of six to get the details sorted out.