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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjurorju‧ror /ˈdʒʊərə $ ˈdʒʊrər/ noun [countable]  SCTJUDGEa member of a jury
Examples from the Corpus
jurorHolmes wants Lenhart to reveal the names of grand jurors who contacted her about a controversial Bellaire police slaying.But the panel deadlocked on manslaughter charges, with nine jurors favoring acquittal.Of the prospective jurors questioned, only six were dismissed in open court.The prospective jurors all were screened from public view by a new partial wall the judge ordered installed in the courtroom.The judge will quiz jurors individually about their views on abortion and the insanity defense beginning Tuesday.The judge has sent the jurors to a hotel overnight.The requests may signal that the jurors are focusing on the hotly contested blood evidence.