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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishjury serviceˈjury ˌservice British English, jury duty American English noun [uncountable]  SCTa period of time during which you must be part of a jury
Examples from the Corpus
jury serviceJury Service Leave of absence with pay is granted to all employees who are required to attend jury service.Jury service: a case study A valuable case study of this whole argument is the matter of jury service.You should therefore attend for jury service per your citation.This applied to the courts, and 6000 citizens so chosen had to be available for jury service during each year.The court, still crowded with about 78 people cited for jury service, was adjourned on both occasions.Two-thirds of those summoned for jury service do not turn up, some making their excuses, some not bothering.People who want to get out of jury service usually find a way.And when citizens are called to jury service, most will not forget.