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1 noun
lease1 W3 [countable]
1SCL a legal agreement which allows you to use a building, car etc for a period of time, in return for rentCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
take out a lease (=start having a lease) renew a lease (=start having a lease again after it has finished) a lease expires/runs out (=a lease stops) the terms of a lease (=the legal details in a lease) a long lease a short lease
lease on
They took out a lease on a seven-acre field.
The landlord refused to renew his lease.
The 99-year lease expired in 1999.
Do you understand all the terms of the lease?

a new lease of life

especially British English a new lease on life American English
a) if something has a new lease of life, it is changed or repaired so that it can continue:
Historic buildings can have a new lease of life through conversion.
b) if someone has a new lease of life, they become healthy, active, or happy again after being weak, ill, or tired:
an operation to give her a new lease of life

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