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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlegateeleg‧a‧tee /ˌleɡəˈtiː/ noun [countable]  lawSCLGIVE someone who receives money or property from a person who has died
Examples from the Corpus
legateeCelsus, however, twice refers to the beneficiary as a legatee.The most obvious one would be the will, but murder by advantaged legatees is a risky business.Of course there is another side, especially if you are legatees of Hitler's madness.His spinster sister, Alice, lived with him and was his principal legatee.His niece, who is a little unbalanced, took this very badly, despite the fact she herself was a substantial legatee.Here too the legatee would be asked to give a guarantee that he would make over the property as requested.The disposition is interpreted as a trust of which the legatee is trustee.This is clearly seen if we compare the rights which legatees obtained.