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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlesseeles‧see /leˈsiː/ noun [countable]  lawSCLBORROW someone who is allowed to use a house, building, land etc for a period of time in return for payment to the ownerlessor
Examples from the Corpus
lesseeWhy do the Government not act on the huge injustices currently affecting business people, such as original lessee liability?It was held that the liability of the original lessee was not extinguished by the partial surrender.The liability of the original lessee was, and remained, a primary liability.Whitbread said the lessees of its pubs can keep buying its beer but have no obligation to do so.At the end of the lease term, the residual value of the asset will belong to the lessee.The lessor then purchases the asset and leases it to the lessee.The lessee claimed that the release of the surety also released the lessee from liability.