Topic: LAW

Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Perhaps from Old French lier 'to tie'


li‧a‧ble [not before noun]

liable to do something

likely to do or say something or to behave in a particular way, especially because of a fault or natural tendency [= likely]:
The car is liable to overheat on long trips.
He was liable to just show up without warning.
2SCL legally responsible for the cost of something
liable for
people who are liable for income tax at a higher rate
3 likely to be affected by a particular kind of problem, illness etc [= prone]
liable to
You're more liable to injury when you don't get regular exercise.
4 lawSCL likely to be legally punished or forced to do something by law
liable to/for
Anyone found trespassing is liable to a maximum fine of $100.

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