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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlicenseeli‧cen‧see /ˌlaɪsənˈsiː/ noun [countable]  SCLsomeone who has official permission to do something
Examples from the Corpus
licenseeA number of software companies are reluctant to allow licensees or third parties to modify programs.About 40 % of the foodequipment business is international, but it consists chiefly of exporting products to distributors and licensees abroad.The situation forced the company to downsize from 35 to six people and start looking for either a buyer or non-exclusive licensees.Microport thinks it is the first Unix Labs licensee to make the compiler available in shrinkwrapped form.Moreover, it has been argued that he ought to be responsible for guests or licensees on his land.We'd clear them out for the licensee if he was having trouble.