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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishlitigantlit‧i‧gant /ˈlɪtəɡənt/ noun [countable]  lawSCL someone who is making a claim against someone or defending themselves against a claim in a court of law
Examples from the Corpus
litigantThis scheme does not always divert costs away from the assisted litigant to the Legal Aid Fund - far from it.The personalized nature of disputes caused litigants to pursue all possible legal strategies even when it would have been more rational to compromise.The text of the Convention drew no distinction between evidence obtained from third parties and that obtained from litigants themselves.These cases are too costly and too risky for most lawyers and most litigants.Such men spoke in court on behalf of litigants and also stood surety for them when required.It is unclear whether or not he also continued acting for other litigants.The defendants sought an order under a United States statutory provision dealing specifically with assistance to litigants in foreign courts.This would give greater predictability to litigants and presumably effect a reduction in the amount of judicial time devoted to these matters.