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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmagistratema‧gis‧trate /ˈmædʒəstreɪt, -strət/ ●○○ noun [countable]  SCTsomeone, not usually a lawyer, who works as a judge in a local court of law, dealing with less serious crimes syn Justice of the Peace
Examples from the Corpus
magistrateIn addition to his duties as medical officer to the workhouse he was a magistrate and the coroner for the Borough of Bedford.The Customs officer, policeman, and magistrate began to nod, at first uncertain, reluctant, then with growing accord.He was granted bail by magistrates on his committal for trial.In a hearing Wednesday afternoon before a federal magistrate, he waived his right to an attorney.Jackson and Medina made a brief appearance before a federal magistrate Tuesday on the extortion charge.Oxford police recently reported their concern to the city's magistrates and their determination to crack down.Exclaiming that he was already a priest, Quirnus insisted that the magistrate put him to death.The girl told the magistrates she stole to get money to pay for cigarettes.