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main‧te‧nance S2 W3 [uncountable]
1 the repairs, painting etc that are necessary to keep something in good condition:
the cost of repairs and maintenance
maintenance of
The caretaker is responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings.
The theatres were closed on Saturday and Sunday for routine maintenance.
Engineers are carrying out essential maintenance work on the main line to Cambridge.
an evening class in car maintenance
maintenance crew/man/staff (=someone who looks after buildings and equipment for a school or company)
2 the act of making a state or situation continue
maintenance of
The purpose of the UN is the maintenance of international peace and security.
The maintenance of a firm currency plays an important part in the battle against inflation.
3 British EnglishSCL money paid by someone who is divorced to their former wife or husband [= alimony]:
They have to find the fathers who abandon their children and make them pay maintenance.

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