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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmaintenancemain‧te‧nance /ˈmeɪntənəns/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [uncountable]  1 REPAIRthe repairs, painting etc that are necessary to keep something in good condition the cost of repairs and maintenancemaintenance of The caretaker is responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings. The theatres were closed on Saturday and Sunday for routine maintenance. Engineers are carrying out essential maintenance work on the main line to Cambridge. an evening class in car maintenancemaintenance crew/man/staff (=someone who looks after buildings and equipment for a school or organization)2 CONTINUE/NOT STOPthe act of making a state or situation continuemaintenance of The purpose of the UN is the maintenance of international peace and security. The maintenance of a firm currency plays an important part in the battle against inflation.3 British EnglishSCL money paid by someone who is divorced to their former wife or husband syn alimony They have to find the fathers who abandon their children and make them pay maintenance.
Examples from the Corpus
maintenanceThe Highways Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of bridges and roads.Analysts assist in developing procedural guidelines and policies governing the development, formulation, and maintenance of the budget.The city is paying $30,000 in annual maintenance costs.I knew nothing about car maintenance when I first bought my car.Sales of large-scale data storage devices also increased strongly, while earnings from computer maintenance services hardly changed.A car is quite a big expense, especially when you consider maintenance.There was one major flaw in this inspired scheme, no Provision was made for maintenance or replacement.The training will also include maintenance.The court will now force him to meet maintenance payments.Because there had been no maintenance, the college buildings were in a poor state.I have no job and receive no maintenance from my children's father.There will be a rolling maintenance programme of the external walls and roof to ensure they continue to be wind and watertight.The fault was discovered during routine maintenance work.Most gas appliances require routine maintenance once a year to ensure safety.These are equally crucial conditions for the maintenance of democratic government.Our primary concern is the maintenance of discipline in the school.Aeration used intelligently is a boon to the maintenance of the health and vitality of the fishes.the maintenance of public roadsmaintenance crew/man/staffHis father also worked there as a maintenance man, retiring after 51 years service.In both cases this means training for most of the staff, from porters and maintenance staff to librarians.A secretary, security guard, or maintenance man should not be ignored.Then one day all of us on the maintenance crew were watching a blue movie.He saw the maintenance crew posed disconsolately on a hill.The maintenance man, Pedro Mejia, did not mention the swimmers to anyone on the hotel staff.The maintenance staff has been working 18-hour shifts to bring the hospital into full operation.And travelling maintenance crews may not turn up from one year to the next because of the immense areas they have to cover.