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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoniesmon‧ies, moneys /ˈmʌniz/ noun [plural]  lawSCLMONEY money If we are no longer able to provide the holiday you booked, we will return to you all monies paid.
Examples from the Corpus
moniesKeeping Track Every three months we will send you a statement showing all monies paid into and out of your account.All monies should appear in the budget, regardless of source.If Policyholder is subsequently found to be alive then any monies paid out shall be refunded.The plaintiff, wishing to have monies now and not in two years' time, prudently accepted the settlement figure.You also have to watch for the sudden windfalls - like the R.P.I. Index monies this year.Now, with the new administration, he is working to see the program and its monies greatly increased. reformer circles.Nevertheless, the new monies required demolition of the old places, and Chambers had to go.They took care of me in the monies.I admit that in aiding her to recover the monies from the insurance company, I had also helped Leyland escape punishment.