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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishno-faultˌno-ˈfault adjective [only before noun] law  1 lawa no-fault divorce is one in which both people agree not to be married any longer and do not have to say whose fault this is2 no-fault car insurance will pay for the damage done in an accident, even if you caused the accident
Examples from the Corpus
no-faultThe hon. Gentleman argues for no-fault compensation.Johnson is pushing a bill, for example, that would limit no-fault divorces in Arizona.Mandatory no-fault insurance has been enacted in 13 states.While no-fault insurance has failed in other states, supporters contend that this is the first initiative to curtail litigation severely.In some states, no-fault insurance has made it easier for the citizen to collect for minor collison damage in automobile wrecks.Some states have a dollar threshold for no-fault insurance.Some evidence suggests a link between no-fault laws and divorce.Can not we have a proper system of no-fault payments for medical injuries?