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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishparalegalpar‧a‧le‧gal /ˌpærəˈliːɡəl/ noun [countable]  American EnglishBOSCL someone whose job is to help lawyers do their work
Examples from the Corpus
paralegalMany years ago, my ethics were called into question when I first hired a paralegal.He is now a paralegal with a small firm of three lawyers, one clerk, and four secretaries.Johnstone decided to join Source Legal, a firm that places lawyers and paralegals in temporary and permanent jobs.Proposals that would allow independent paralegal firms have been put forward in California.Meanwhile, all this time, I could see Lori, our paralegal, talking to reporters.At the same time, routine legal tasks have become increasingly computerized, allowing companies to substitute paralegals for actual lawyers.These firms are owned by non-lawyers and the paralegals are not supervised by lawyers.Williamson paralegal who stole nearly 1,400 pages of explosive company records and research data.