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pardonpardon3 ●●○ noun [countable]  1 SCLPGan official order allowing someone who has been found guilty of a crime to go free without being punishedgrant/give somebody a pardon Tyler was convicted but was granted a royal pardon (=one given by a king or queen).2 ask/beg somebody’s pardon (for something) I beg your pardon at beg(4)
Examples from the Corpus
pardonIt is the right of any convicted felon, great or small, to apply for a pardon.A Justice Department official said there was no record of any formal request by Wynn for a pardon.With the promise of a pardon, Wynn was persuaded to give evidence.So why was a free pardon not granted?There was then apparently an offer of pardon to others who submitted willingly to the royal authority without delay.Dole demanded that Clinton rule out pardons for his business partners in the failed Whitewater land scheme.She has even declared her unwillingness to accept a presidential pardon because it carries an implicit concession of guilt.Sea battles and voyages and plunder and buried treasure and king's pardons and kidnapped wenches.royal pardonHe returned briefly to the Commonwealth's service, but retired when the Restoration became inevitable and procured a royal pardon.Thomas had received a royal pardon in the previous April, just one week after Barnet, which implies a Neville connection.