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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprivilegedpriv‧i‧leged /ˈprɪvəlɪdʒd/ ●●○ adjective  1 a) having advantages because of your wealth, social position etc opp underprivileged Students from a privileged background have an advantage at university. Only the privileged few can afford private education. b) the privileged [plural] people who are privilegedsee thesaurus at rich2 ADVANTAGEhaving a special advantage or a chance to do something that most people cannot do Kylie feels fortunate to be in such a privileged position because of her successful TV career.be privileged to do something I was privileged to lead the team.3 lawSCL privileged information is private and is not allowed to be made public by law
Examples from the Corpus
privilegedTaylor enjoyed privileged access to the presidential files.a member of the privileged classThus even for the privileged few the length of time during which they can enjoy their peak earnings is being restricted.There were a number of such privileged gatehouse stations to the aristocracy.In many countries today only a privileged minority get the chance of going to university.Nizan occupied a privileged position in Sartre's life both intellectually and emotionally.Ministers were as anxious as their predecessors to preserve Britain's privileged position in the Western alliance.As for the army, it is a proud and privileged, secretive and insulated institution.Their old privileged status is gone.It was an ancient, historic weapon that d'Arquebus had been privileged to handle.I really enjoyed our conversations and feel privileged to have shared their very personal experiences.be privileged to do somethingYou are privileged to be able to witness our ritual.We are privileged to be part of one of the largest worldwide banking groups.Phemonoe was privileged to entertain mortal lovers at will.We were privileged to have been invited ... one doesn't make difficulties ...The world is privileged to have you in it.The trouble is that only a few are privileged to see that side.Nevertheless, that I may be privileged to tread upon flagstones that worshippers have trod for centuries is a joy.I was privileged to use the leadership principles Chuck Yeager describes in leading radical transformations in four major Air Force organizations.