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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprobatepro‧bate1 /ˈprəʊbeɪt, -bət $ ˈproʊbeɪt/ noun [uncountable]  lawSCLMX the legal process of deciding that someone’s will has been properly made
Examples from the Corpus
probatePrerogative Office, ecclesiastical court in which wills were proved and probate granted.Miss Roybal-Allard originally wanted the ban to apply only to divorce, probate and child-custody cases.Banks, building societies and insurance companies will be able to apply for probate if they have a proper complaints handling scheme.Leffingwell even held probate court there.Clearly the objective of reducing the workload on probate courts by eliminating one class of contests is not without some legitimacy.Who gets the money could be complicated, say probate attorneys.The probate clerk sets up an index of all wills deposited.Besides, until probate is granted, all is conjecture.