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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprobation officerproˈbation ˌofficer noun [countable]  BOSCLsomeone whose job is to watch, advise, and help people who have broken the law and are on probation
Examples from the Corpus
probation officerCarolyn worked the North Branch as a probation officer.Chief dies: Alec Nuttall, former chief probation officer of Teesside and then Cleveland, has died aged 68.He later confessed to his probation officer.Whilst I was in Holloway, my probation officer sorted out something to try and stop me getting a prison sentence.In essence, it ensures an extra set of eyes will be watching when a single probation officer can not be.Some courts have a specialist probation officer who promptly channels those suspected of having mental health problems into the local service.