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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprohibitivepro‧hib‧i‧tive /prəˈhɪbətɪv $ proʊ-/ AWL adjective  1 EXPENSIVEprohibitive costs are so high that they prevent people from buying or doing something The cost of land in Tokyo is prohibitive.2 SCLa prohibitive rule prevents people from doing things prohibitive regulationsprohibitively adverb Moving house would be prohibitively expensive.
Examples from the Corpus
prohibitiveThe cost of renovating the old buildings would be prohibitive.And the cost can be prohibitive.Especially for a large word list the memory requirements are prohibitive.However Haines says that the processor count is unlikely to grow since the overheads become prohibitive.However, many companies find the cost of planning and implementation prohibitive.Trade will reduce welfare when transport costs are sufficiently close to prohibitive and increase it when they are sufficiently low.The cost of uniforms and books was becoming prohibitive and the gang scene was worsening at school.The remainder will need training, services and hand-holding ranging from extensive to nearly prohibitive, she says.Snowden, unlike Samuel, was willing to agree in late September to a prohibitive tariff on luxury goods.a prohibitive tax on imports