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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpropositionprop‧o‧si‧tion1 /ˌprɒpəˈzɪʃən $ ˌprɑː-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 statementSUGGEST a statement that consists of a carefully considered opinion or judgmentproposition that Most people accept the proposition that we have a duty to protect endangered animals. The theory is founded on two basic propositions.2 suggestionSUGGEST a suggestion, or something that is suggested or considered as a possible thing to do He telephoned Stuart with a proposition.attractive/interesting/practical etc proposition The offer of two tickets for the price of one makes it a very attractive proposition. It doesn’t sound like a very viable proposition to me. I’ve got a proposition to put to you.3 be a different/tricky/simple etc proposition 4 law (also Proposition)SCL a suggested change or addition to the law of a state of the US, which citizens vote on Proposition 1475 mathematics technicalHM something that must be proved, or a question to which the answer must be found – used in geometrypropositional adjectiveCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a suggestion, or something that is suggested or considered as a possible thing to doverbsput a proposition to somebody (also make (somebody) a proposition)A proposition was put to Owen, and he is considering it.I’m going to make you a proposition.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + propositiona business propositionDoes this mean you’ve changed your mind about my business proposition?a commercial proposition (=likely to be financially successful)Gold mining is not a commercial proposition here.an attractive propositionSetting up your own business is a very attractive proposition.an interesting propositionA further study focussing on older people is an interesting proposition.a practical/viable proposition (=likely to be possible or successful)A complete ban on strikes is not a practical proposition.
Examples from the Corpus
propositionProposition 209 outlawed affirmative action in California.I have a proposition to make.I am left with the cup the idea of that ordinary physical object - or a proposition about the cup.It's a proposition - a business proposition.However, all this makes the Rolls a more costly proposition if it needs repairing.Inevitably this raises a question about the logical structure of existential propositions in general.We are prepared to look at any reasonable proposition from the council.Most of Aristotle's propositions have proven wrong over time.But as the centennial neared, he approached Fred with quite a secular proposition.Those behind the proposition are a group of hard-working volunteers who want to improve Tucson.Film theorists first put forward the proposition that the construction of the spectator in mainstream cinema is gendered.We're still studying the proposition.It would be difficult to sustain this proposition.I'll consider your proposition and let you know.proposition thatThere are certain simple classes of true arithmetical proposition that do form recursively enumerable sets, however.Erling has based his legal defense on the proposition that the photos of him are fake.First then the proposition that management should accept a responsibility for doing everything possible to keep prices stable or to reduce them.Let us begin with the proposition that our visual experience does somehow involve a judgement.The proposition that the fabliau is an appropriate mode for an argument between two churls is explicitly Chaucer's.proposition ... put toI told you I had a proposition to put to you.Quite apart from anything else, I have a business proposition to put to you.Desmond took his time, and when he finally arrived and the proposition was put to him, he shook his head.