Topic: LAW

Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of prosequi 'to follow and try to catch'


1 [intransitive and transitive]SCL to charge someone with a crime and try to show that they are guilty of it in a court of law:
Shoplifters will be prosecuted.
prosecute somebody for (doing) something
Buxton is being prosecuted for assault.
prosecute somebody under a law/Act etc
The company is to be prosecuted under the Health and Safety Act.
2 [intransitive and transitive]SCLSCL if a lawyer prosecutes a case, he or she tries to prove that the person charged with a crime is guilty [↪ defend]:
Mrs Lynn Smith, prosecuting, said the offence took place on January 27.
3 [transitive] formal to continue doing something:
We cannot prosecute the investigation further.

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