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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprosecutionpros‧e‧cu‧tion /ˌprɒsɪˈkjuːʃən $ ˌprɑː-/ ●●○ W3 noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SCT when a charge is made against someone for a crime, or when someone is judged for a crime in a court of law a criminal prosecutionprosecution for Walters could face prosecution for his role in the robbery.prosecution of the prosecution of war criminals The evidence is not sufficient to bring a prosecution against him.2 the prosecution3 [uncountable] formalDO when you do something that is your job the prosecution of her dutiesCOLLOCATIONSadjectives(a) criminal prosecutionFailure to hand over the documents could result in criminal prosecution.a private prosecutionThe victim's widow is considering a private prosecution.successfulWe do not yet have enough evidence for a successful prosecution.verbsbring a prosecution against somebody (=prosecute them)The police did not bring a prosecution against him.face prosecutionThe owners of a golf course are facing prosecution for blocking footpaths.escape/avoid prosecutionHe was lucky to escape prosecution.phrasesbe liable to/for prosecution formal (=may be prosecuted)Businesses which do not meet the standards required are liable for prosecution.immunity from prosecution formal (=the state of being protected from prosecution)He gave information to the police in return for immunity from prosecution.
Examples from the Corpus
prosecutionSince January, three hate-crime prosecutions have gone to trial.Maxwell could face prosecution for his role in the robbery.One of these is to improve prosecution and conviction rates.As a condition of his release, Nick's passport was withheld for 90 days, pending an appeal by the prosecution.However, evidence submitted by the prosecution, appearing to support the defence claims, was admitted.The commissary general in charge of the prosecution, Firenzuola, apparently admitted that he did not consider the Copernican system unacceptable.A Braintree man was cleared of an affray charge yesterday when the prosecution offered no further evidence against him.The prosecution said it was a miracle she did not start an inferno.face prosecutionPurchasers seeking clearance and other parties submitting information to the regulatory authorities face prosecution if they supply false or misleading information.In extreme cases you could even face prosecution.A large number of works with low effluent quality do not face prosecution.Several dealers are now facing prosecution.As a result, few people face prosecution.Funny Yesterday they were deciding whether he would face prosecution over the incident.