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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpublic prosecutorˌpublic ˈprosecutor noun [countable] British English  SCTBOa lawyer who works for the government, and tries to prove in a court of law that someone has done something illegal syn district attorney American English
Examples from the Corpus
public prosecutorFour were arrested on the orders of the chief public prosecutor, but Mr Honecker was let off because of ill health.It demonstrated the excesses that are possible in the present climate of confusion and for which the chief public prosecutor has apologised.On June 14,1961, at the request of Milan's public prosecutor, it was seized by 25 plain-clothes policemen.He was later charged with trespass, and the public prosecutor in Mannheim will this week decide whether other charges will follow.All prosecutions are undertaken by the public prosecutor, the Lord Advocate, or his subordinates, the procurators fiscal.