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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishquashquash /kwɒʃ $ kwɑːʃ, kwɒːʃ/ verb [transitive] formal  1 SCLPGto officially say that a legal judgment or decision is no longer acceptable or correct syn overturn The High Court later quashed his conviction for murder. The decision was quashed by the House of Lords.2 PGto say or do something to stop something from continuing A hospital chief executive has quashed rumours that people will lose their jobs. The government immediately moved to quash the revolt.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
quashTherefore on the facts of the case the indictment was bad and Widdowson's conviction had to be quashed.Fawehinmi's conviction on the contempt of court charge was quashed by the appeal court in July.His first conviction was quashed on appeal, but he was eventually sentenced and spent a total of two years in jail.But he quashed rumours that the Red Fort had been quietly put up for sale due to his financial difficulties.The court quashed the convictions after a nine-day hearing.The tenant then applied to the Divisional Court by way of judicial review to quash the judge's decision.The police were brought in to quash the strike.The company tried to quash the unwanted publicity.Today at Aylesbury Crown Court they asked a judge to quash those convictions.Simon Brown J. quashed those decisions.Mandamus sometimes issues in conjunction with certiorari to require a body whose decision has been quashed to go through the decision-making process again.quashed ... convictionThe Court of Appeal quashed his conviction.When the defendant appealed, the Court of Appeal upheld that submission and quashed his convictions.But the Court of Appeal quashed his conviction and accepted that the woman probably faked her injuries and fabricated the allegations.But in July the Appeal Court quashed the conviction and ordered a second trial.The Court of Appeal quashed the conviction because the judge had directed the jury in Caldwell terms.The Court of Appeal quashed the conviction, declaring that the subjective definition was necessary.quashed rumoursBut he quashed rumours that the Red Fort had been quietly put up for sale due to his financial difficulties.