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remandremand2 noun [uncountable] British English  SCTthe period of time that someone spends in prison before their trialon remand Evans committed suicide while on remand in Parkhurst prison. remand prisoners
Examples from the Corpus
remandAs the years had progressed a series of petty crimes had seen him in remand homes, borstals and finally prison.Another problem is remand for very difficult children.The £32 million remand prison has 156 single and 72 shared cells, each with its own lavatory and washbasin.The problem of remand prisoners, is particularly acute.But because he'd already served five weeks on remand he was released.We were on remand for about three months and then we were up at the Crown court.The examination of Price took place in the context of proceedings for the remand inabsentia of the applicant.However, controversy continued to rage over certain aspects of the remand decision-making process.